the shire

Bumping Uglies indeed

Well here it is, my first real post.

I promised my pal, sassywitch that I’d be a good livejournal user and make regular entries.

It was hard to come home from Australia, and I mean truly mean that. I loved it there, I love the freedom of having a lassie who has become my best friend around so we can behave like teenagers together. To be honest, we really we didn’t do anything that could be considered exciting for anyone but us. We went to Underwater World (I totally ken why my pal hasn’t been in the water since the 70’s) the fish in Australia are not only big and scary but their teeth are as well.

I loved sailing up and down the Brisbane River, except for when I was a right daftie and dropped my brand new cell phone in the water. Somewhere in the depths of the river there is a grouper making extravagant calls and watching Live Streaming TV.

Haven’t had so much fun with a girlfriend since I was a teenager. We sat around playing boardgames, listening to music (I’ve come home with so much good aussie music), watching DVD’s and just chatting like schoolgirls on a sleepover.

Even on my last day it was fun, because she works at the international airport I got to go to work with her. She’s good at what she does, even if she’ll never tell you. It’s little wonder that I was entranced by her when I first met her in her shop. I watched her with the customers while I was there she loves people she does, and they love her. She makes them feel comfortable when they are uncomfortable and unable to understand or just plain lost. After two hours I sorted it. They're not customers to her, they're friends she hasn't made yet.

All the fun finished when my plane left the Brisbane runway. Every connection was late or had some sort of problem. It was a nightmare, but I finally got home and have my beloved and my wee bairns and an internet connection.

My life? It’s not exciting but if you want to hear about it I’ll share.